Sacramento, CA,
14:04 PM

California Beef Council Launches BEEFabulous Recipe App

Beef recipes, videos, cooking know-how and more in free app for Apple and Android

Does this sound familiar? You’re in the grocery store and you see a special on Chuck Roast, but you’re not sure what to do with a Chuck Roast--Slow-cook? Braise? (What’s “braise,” anyway?) Or you need meal options that are fast, satisfying and nutritious. Or you know that if you’re tired of making the kids the same old thing for lunch, they must be positively bored out of their minds.










“We’ve all been there in one form or another,” laughs Annette Kassis, Director of Consumer & Brand Marketing for the California Beef Council. “So we thought we’d do our bit to help.”

And the BEEFabulous mobile app was born.


BEEFabulous from the California Beef Council goes beyond the traditional recipe app. In addition to beef recipes, the app has access to features like an interactive butcher counter, grocery list and videos. The more than a dozen recipe collections update occasionally with new or seasonal recipes and include 30 Minutes or Less, One Dish Meals, Classic Beef Comforts, School Lunches and more. Each recipe includes ingredients, instructions and nutritional information, and recipe ingredients are easily added to your in-app grocery list.

BEEFabulous from the California Beef Council is available free for both Apple and Android, and can be downloaded from

About the California Beef Council

The California Beef Council (CBC) was established in 1954 to serve as the promotion, research, and education arm of the California beef industry, and is mandated by the California Food and Agricultural Code. The council is comprised of 42 members who are appointed by the California Secretary of Agriculture. The council members set priorities for CBC and represent all segments of beef production within California including range cattle, dairy cattle, feedlots, packers/processors and the general public. For more information, visit